Red Hot

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Photography by Nicholas Teo

WHO WHAT WEAR: Striped Shirt, Pants, Sweater all by ZARA, Red patent ballerinas by Repetto, Bag by Proenza Schouler

I love pairing red on red on red. I was feeling particularly fiery that morning while dressing up for work…I love how my fitted V-neck cardigan created a little “skirt” out of my striped shirt.

A style tip I always abide by is to always create some shape in my silhouette by wearing something fitted over a seemingly loose piece such as my untucked shirt (in this case). It is effortlessly flattering and it I didn’t have to be on my feet all day, I would definitely pick a higher heel and sexier pair of pointed toe heels.

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be happy!


Photography by Nicholas Teo

WHO WHAT WEAR: Zara neon blazer, tee and pleated skirt, H&M shoes, Proenza Schouler ‘PS1’

I’m saying goodbye to sleepless nights, stressing myself out over work. I never want to spend another day doing something that doesn’t make me happy and nor doesn’t make me skip and jump to everyday.

Since life is all about making choices. I have decided to choose to do what makes me happy and move forward and onward I go.

We only have one life to live so I’m gonna make mine count. I don’t want to look back and regret fearing that I didn’t step out of my comfort zone just because I was afraid to fail. If I have to fall, it would be many falls into His arms of Grace and nothing less.

I’m glad Jesus is for me, and will always be. That much is the assurance I need.

On another note, Zara’s recent sale got me in a tizzy. Scored so many versatile pieces which I can’t wait to share with you how I’m gonna mix it all up!

Ciao! till then…


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It’s Gold


Photography by Nicholas Teo

Who What Wear: Muji Stripe Top, Exhibit pleated skirt, Zara flatforms, Proenza Schouler ‘PS1’

My Fair Wedding by David Tutera is blaring on the TV as I type…With less than 3 months left to our wedding, I’ve been MAJOR busy with work commitments and wedding planning and hence the belated blog posts. Sneaking in a very comfortable weekend outfit post today before I head out for church service!

Thanks for dropping by, my silent readers. 🙂

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primal instincts


Photography by Nicholas Teo

Who What Wear: H&M tank top, striped jeans and sunnies, Topshop jumper, bralet and ballerinas, Proenza Schouler ‘PS1’

I love to mix patterns such as polka dots and stripes. Today, I was a wee bit adventurous and threw in a leopard print and a dash of neon yellow in too. Me thinks I look like a leopard and zebra all at once! Thank God zookeeper didn’t find me!! 😛

Jokes aside, these striped jeans are one of the most flattering pairs I own. The stripes seem to elongate my legs and that’s never a bad thing… 🙂

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combat those thoughts


Photography by Nicholas Teo

Who What Wear: shirt by The Ladies Affair, Topshop quilt skirt and boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs hand pouch

This shirt is made to measure and fits like a glove.

I felt like dressing up one weekday because that’s what I look forward every day.

The combat boots is obviously quite new, it is so shiny I can see my reflection in them.

Sometimes, I just got to learn to let go of my fears and just dare to believe, believe in Jesus who has given me ALL things and blessed me with every good thing. Oh, the scandal of grace.

I know my words don’t make sense but this sums up my thoughts today. 🙂

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