yellow fever

loving the burst of yellow! yellow yellow fever fellow. m.

stockholm style

ive been busy busy and haven’t found time to post my favourite looks from last week! i see the side ponytail look is quite a hit. could possibly be the influence of summer! lovin stockholm, m.

style sightings

Stylesightings is my new find today.  I’m loving how random streeters have such amazing style without a bevy of stylist at their beck and call. Just goes to prove that anyone can look stylish without having to be filthy rich. As they say, money can’t buy you style. Of course, having truckloads of cash wouldn’t hurt though, and it’d be a…

i need a DSLR

the pictures do not do justice to the lovely evening i had with my girl pals. PS. Cafe at Palais was pretty awesome no less. i wished the lighting was better when the pics where taken tho!

i miss them so much

dinner and drinks and a whole lot of fun with my girlfriends whom I haven’t seen in ages. dinner at the new mall Illuma and drinks and people watching at House on Dempsey Hill. xoxo, m.

girl crush

im currently obsessing over alexa chung’s style. i love how the girl looks so effortlessly put together yet retain that tomboy-ish charm.  i remember reading she’s always makes sure she wears something blue. in case you’re wondering, yes she is half Chinese. Her father’s obviously Chinese with that surname of hers. Spot the blue!


teashirt anyone? looks kinda dirty but i’d totally wear it for the heck of it.

rayban wayfarers

Rumi’s latest post showed her wearing her rayban wayfarer, and really got me tempted to get me a pair. It’s one of those classic accessory that you go cannot wrong with – like a Chanel 2.55, or a pair of J Brand jeans, or a trusty Christian Louboutin pumps.

Karla collage

beautiful collage by Jaime of Voutier for Karla!

man candy

Word up, there is eye candy for you ladies! At some point of our lives, we must have some man candy. Personally, the man candy criteria is not only based on his genetic make up (his looks, duh!) but his dress sense as well. That, makes or break the candy. I’ve always held an interest in menswear and collected men style…

Herve Leger by Max Azria SS09 Swimwear collection

Herve Leger did it again. He doesn’t just design ultra sexy, body hugging, colour block dresses made for goddesses, he designs the most flattering swim wear too! Herve really knows how to bring out the sexy in women, accentuating curves and bringing close attention to the shoulders, V of the abdomen, collarbones. Dare I say, its quite the va va voom on…

sweet nothings

i feel like some candy or ice cream looking at these! just had to share the pictures when I saw it. the weather has been so hot i would love some ice- cream right now. Source: The cherry blossom girl ice-cream anyone with M&Ms anyone?

nike gladiators

just when you thought gladiators sandals were at its fashion peak, Nike creates a pair of nike gladiators, in two colours. i have to say it doesn’t give off the “fierce” vibes which I would have liked my gladiators to have, but i bet its wayy comfortable to walk/run in. available in black and white…

shoe trend alert: lace ups, buckles and mesh

can you smell a trend by looking at the pictures below? lace ups, buckles and mesh shoes. flaming hot this season. Caroline B. from Lookbook Garance Dore’s Pierre Hardy Mesh Booties  Source: Jak & Jill Blog lace ups from shoelust.


Brought my sis out for some shopping and starbucks in town. She’s having her school vacation and we basically OD-ed on the camera. Snaps below:  

Shoe Lust

its gonna be a shoe post today! 😉 here are the random favourites from the shoe girl.     and get me some nasty shoes from nasty gal Jeffrey Campbell Miley Mesh Platform Jeffrey Campbell Oxford sandals My favourite shoe picture of the day, only because of the bright neon colour! From American Apparel:  

Stella McCartnery Spring 2010 Collection

I’m in love with Stella McCartney’s cruise collection otherwise known as her Spring 2010. It’s not too crazy and definitely wearable and I love how Stella used bows to create that finishing touch to some of her outfits. And the creative use of colours (gold, blue, green, yellow need I say more?) lace, sequins, stripes,  checks,…

styling j.

I am a freelance stylist and me thinks its the best job on earth, so far I’ve done a few assignments for friends who approach me to revamp their wardrobe/ invent a new work wear wardrobe/ look for outfits for special occasions. Some of the reasons they approach me for fashion advice: 1) Lack of time due to busy…

perfection in paris

i stumbled upon a new blog that captures the street style so deliciously today: Street Peeper here’s some of my favourite Parisian looks from Street Peepers: 1) Alexandra Golovanoff in a red Gucci suit I LOVE the gold emblishments (buttons) on the red jacket! Could she have been inspired by the Gucci ad below? 😉 2) Susan…

Recessionista Chic?

While loading up on the usual fashion juice, I chanced upon Steven Miesel’s  “2 for 1 special” photo spread. I simply LOVE how the images juxtapose ordinary life against the glamourous world of fashion. Notice the use of dual tones used in most of the structured dresses. It screams understated elegance and glamour all in one with hints of…

In vogue: anna wintour & carine roitfeld

All in the day’s work of a VOGUE editor: Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief, U.S. VOGUE also known as “the most powerful woman in fashion.” Known for her trademark pageboy bob haircut and sunglasses, this woman really amazes me with her eye for fashion and the way she manages VOGUE. What I really love about her is…

summer must have: jumpsuits

the weather has absolutely humid and i can think of one wardrobe essentially in sunny Singapore – the Jumpsuit. No, you don’t have to jump in this suit and yes, it offfers you the comfort of wearing a top and short/pants and you’d look effortlessly put together! with the right flowy material – silk, it…

simple chic

i love this. plain blue against yellow high waisted skirt to give you the omph. scarf to add a touch of old school glamour. nicely done.


behold great lighting, photography and oufits! Rumi from Fashion Toast: Fashion Squad: Looking at these delighful pics just makes me happy 🙂 Diggin the de-saturated treatment.

Moments of Style

Pictures from Jak & Jill Blog biker chick cool, love the carelessly hung bag and that fab denim. HELLO! studs. Ribbed back pocket with studs. Fierce. both looks rock my world. the one and only leigh lezark at fashion week. lusting for her shocking pink christian dior dress. looks so darn good against the contrast of…

Her name is Karla

Caught up with Karla’s Closet, one of my fave fashion bloggers and did a mini compilation of looks i love.  She has amazing clothes, accesories, shoes and STYLE. And those red nails… I would love to see what her closet looks like!   hankering after Karla’s closet, m.

Miss Sixty Fashion Show

If you’re in town this Saturday, remember to make your way down to the Miss Sixty and Energie show this Saturday, 28 march, 3pm at Paragon. I’m loving the hot spring hues this season 😉


  I have been swamped with work for the longest time and finally got a sec to resurface for a breather. 🙂 Today while checking my email, I found blackmail. No, not the types that would you cost you an arm and a leg for doing something wrong but this: Imagine my excitement when i…

hairstyles for 2009

i have been spotting the “Pob” in 2008. And im currently growing my tresses out for a softer, less edgy look. im diggin the effortless chic, bedhead look. this is my inspiration: Photo shot by Yvan, the face hunter   GLAMOUR’s take on 5 new hairstyles for the new year:   I’d say Victoria Beckham has…

out and about

Happy new year whoever’s reading this! 🙂 I celebrated a dear friend’s birthday on new year’s eve by going for a nice quiet dinner at Prinsep Street and later at St James Powerhouse. It was an awesome party mostly because the birthday girl is fabulous company. There were some funny things that happened and there was this singer…

dream wardrobe part deux

I previously posted about dream wardrobes here. However, I recently spotted a new wardrobe inspiration! its someone like carrie bradshaw’s on the set of Sex and the City but this is prettier cos its all white! This is THE inspiration for my new wardrobe when i move out. narrow walkway but big enough to look and my…


It’s all about the shoes today. 🙂 The silver lace up gladiators in the 2nd picture below rocks my boat! The lady looks casual yet so chic at the same time with the unmistakable Chanel hanging off her wrist… source: shoetastically yours, m.

Christmas 2008

I hope all of you had a good Christmas and got pretty gifts and a meaningful time with friends and family. Christmas tree at home me and my sis celebrating christmas 

nicky hilton’s legs

i always had an odd facination with nicky hilton’s legs and not to mention her shoes and chanel bags are super fly. too skinny? or not?    

eye candy

I’ve been up to my neck with work lately and really need to chillax. Can’t wait for the hols! Enjoy the pics! fiery passion on the sidewalk love the dress, love the colour, love the hair! those Louboutins are downright sexaye i tellua. i love how the three women has so similar yet different all at…

some kind of wonderful

pretty random pictures that put a smile on my face 🙂  have a fashionable day! gorgeous blue eyes, bright red nails, pretty bow, simple pearl necklace, black pumps. the lady’s spot on elegant! shimmer your way to Christmas, the countdown starts now… Peaktures Source: this is glamourous  

How many Hermes Birkin bags do Victoria Beckham own?

…Countless. One of my favourite people to observe in terms of style and awesome hairstyles is Victoria Beckham. I know of many friends who frown upon hearing her name saying she’s too skinny and unhealthy looking etc. However, you can’t deny that the lady’s got style. Known for always being put together and immaculately dressed for the occasion, you’d almost…

Spotlight’s on Daria Werbowy

i chanced upon pictures that were taken by Steven Klein for Vogue US March 2005. It was titled: WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS.  Source: foto decadent No prizes for guessing why I love the pictures. One – Daria Werbowy, she is one of my favourite faces.  She’s doesn’t have pretty features, but she really has such a unique, pixie…

Vogue Germany 2008

I am loving the dresses and the spread in Vogue Germany 2008. Aren’t they simply breathtaking? The dresses were captured so beautifully, some in motion and some stills. These could really pass off as oil paintings, no? I can’t decide on which dress i like best – if i had to pick one, it would be the 6th (engine…

Face Hunting in Singapore

If you have been a follower of Face Hunter, Yvan is in Singapore! He’d be here from 26 to 28 November and I’m really looking out for his snaps! He posted one yesterday and I wish he snapped more.. The peakture below was taken at Tanjong Pajar by the Face Hunter. 🙂 Before stopping over in Singapore, he…

sunday outfit

this is what i wore on Sunday, the green pullover and brown belt are fresh purchases from Soon Lee on Saturday. excuse the blurry pictures! my sister took them and she’s quite the amateur photog. 🙂 top: white Espirit work shirt & dark green pullover and tan belt from Soon Lee high waisted shorts: topshop bag:…

post haji lane pictures!

  Decided to post up pictures taken during the street party at Haji lane on Saturday. Enjoy!  

street party at haji lane, 15 Nov

i love Fridays and its almost time to knock off work. *big glee* this weekend, I will be busy hunting for clothes for 2 clients and put together look books for them. However, i’d be definitely making time for the DBS Live Fresh Bash – We’re 1! at haji lane. Shops will be open till 12 midnight! I…

helloween 2008

halloween’s has always been interesting because of all the dressing up. i absolutely love the ingenius and creative ways people put together their outfits! ade had invited us to her chivas event at butterfactory on Halloween night and man! the queue was intense! in the end, the group of us ended up at movida because butterfactory was…

seeing stars

today ade and i decided to watch mama mia and have a lazy saturday afternoon in town. that includes swapping of magazines and having our favourite mug of coffee at starbucks and just chilling. the heat was soooo getting to me the past few days so i decided on my trusty pair of topshop shorts and a…

chain reaction

I’ve been noticing Givenchy’s heavy layering of chains and even Madonna has been spotted wearin’ them recently. Sweet. I must say it is really is a statement accessory. You cannot possibly miss the massive chunky chains layered upon each other.  I can imagine it must be tiring to walk in those layers of necklaces! The price…

skirting the issue

The high waisted skirt is one of the must-haves in my opinion, and it is so HOT this season. if paired with the right top, it not only bring out the womanly curves you have, it slims you down! not to mention, it adds a certain glamourette factor to you. just some tips before you rush out and…

back to school

i miss the good ol’ days of school. i think those were the best years of my life yet. when i saw these fabulous pictures of the backtoschool outfits, i thought they rock. there’s something about that careless, nonchalant “i threw random pieces on and i look oh so chic” look i totally dig.  🙂 sarah…

nautical inspired

i absolutely adore nautical colours – navy blue, bright red and white. whack those colours in an outfit or accessories and im sold! oh, it was such a beautiful day today! i wish i took pictures of the clear blue sky. went out with adelene my girlpal who brought 3 past issues of SHAPE and Cosmopolitan magazines. we…

geek chic part deux

im still stuck on the geek chic phase. i like how the nerdy specs give that aloof, back to school look. simply pair it with a scarf, plain tee and cardigan and you’re on your way to getting the geek chica look. lulu – fashionista inspiration of the moment this is me in geek glasses: blue top by club…

dream wardrobes

Welcome you fashionistas. This is gonna be fun stuff. Blogging about my passion of all passions – fashion. this is gonna be as fresh as it gets… Lately, I stumbled upon some pictures of pretty impressive walk in wardrobes of celebrities. And I’m wondering…how do women organise our wardrobe. a girlfriend of mine and i…