Tourists for a day



Photography by Nicholas Teo

WHO WHAT WEAR: Topshop stripe top, Zara skorts, Converse sneakers, Kanken Classic in Warm Yellow, Michael Kors Watch

How’s everyone’s week so far? It’s almost Friday so hang in there if you are having a crazy work week!

My awesome friends (our Maid of Honour and Best Man for our wedding) gifted Nic and I with an all access, all day pass to Gardens By The Bay. So we played tourists in our own country for a day and had all kinds of fun exploring the misty Cloud Forest which explains why I look like I’m bathing in mist or smoke in half the photos.

What I really loved about the day trip was visiting the Flower Dome. Flowers of every species and colour were beautifully laid out and the temperature inside the Dome was perfect. Perfect for the plants/flowers, perfect for me.

Hope you like the pictures. If you haven’t already visited Gardens By The Bay, you should really plan one! It’s a nice breather from city life!

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