three layers

_MG_6150 _MG_6179 _MG_6195 _MG_6197 _MG_6199_MG_6228 _MG_6200_MG_6181 _MG_6202 _MG_6209 _MG_6219 _MG_6230 _MG_6235 _MG_6242 _MG_6243_MG_6210

Photography by Nicholas Teoย and yours truly

Who What Wear: Uniqlo shirt, Topshop Shorts and Sweater, Zara sandals, Vintage Bag, Michael Kors watch

This is one of those days where I am so lazy to dress up for Sunday’s church service so this is not my Sunday’s best. I wore this on a rare cool and rainy day. Oh I wish we had four seasons (so I can layer on my favourite pieces more often!)

Many thanks to the sweet young caucasian man who offered to take our couple shot! ๐Ÿ™‚

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