a walk in the park


Photography by Nicholas Teo

WHO WHAT WEAR: Zara tee, J.W. Anderson x Topshop Baroque Quilt Skirt, Proenza Schouler PS1, Michael Kors Watch

I love quilt skirts, …and pencil skirts. When they marry, I love them even more. (Heck! I love any skirt!) This baroque print skirt from the J.W. Anderson x Topshop collection was sold out in my size in Singapore and thankfully Nicholas managed to snap it up at the mothership of flagship Topshop store at Oxford Street. In addition to this skirt, he got me some other stripey number…the man knows my love for stripes knows no bounds…Saying that I have a dozen stripey tops is really an understatement. Let’s just say I haven’t met a Breton top I didn’t like…

Just sitting here and envisioningย him rummaging through the racks of Topshop trying to find the clothes I want in whatever size just makes me smile and my heart sing.

Usually, I would pair pencil skirts with heels/stilettos but this time, there were errands to be run and the flats would have to cut it.

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