Striking Gold

_MG_5474_MG_5488 _MG_5475 _MG_5462 _MG_5472 _MG_5491

Photography by Nicholas Teo

Hi ladies!!As per my earlier post, these are pictures of the outfit on a cool weekend morning..which explains the sleepy face and messy hair. I think I’m obsessed about boots. This is my third pair purchase in the span of two months. I love that it is so versatile and sorta toughens up the outfit. Not to mention the fact that I can walk in MILES in it.

The Celine purchase is another story…it was a gift from Nicholas.
And the story goes like this…On my way to work one day, I walked past Celine and not so unusally, I peeped  into the Celine store and saw my absolute favourite colour on a bag. This was followed by a wistful sigh and a prayer to Jesus to tell Him how much I would love that bag and I know He loves me so very much and supplies all my needs and WANTS accordingly to His riches and glory and not according to my limited resources…

I knew that finding the bag in that particular colour in its limited quantity was like striking gold (ok maybe it’s not so extreme) and to be frank, I didn’t know when or how He was gonna bless me with it becos I sure wasn’t ready to plonk down cash for the bag on a whim.  Soon, I forgot about the secret petition after a few days. And I shall continue what happened in my next post. Ahaha.

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