Lookbook 1

_MG_3724_MG_3708_MG_3770 _MG_3741
Photography by Nicholas Teo

So these photos were taken as part of my look book for these clothing I got made for theladiesaffair label awhile back. Since then, I have zip locked the precious pieces and stored them away and launching them when an entire collection is ready to be launched…

The magenta silk blouse is made of the 100% pure silk and I chose this colour and a mint colour to be manufactured. And the crisp white shirt is essential piece in everyone’s closet. I love a good structured blouse without having to use starch AT ALL. Everyone needs a good white shirt to be worn with…everything. Jeans, maxi skirt, denim shorts, you name it, and it probably goes with it. The last and 5th piece of clothing I made was the floral pencil skirt which is my personal favourite because the quality of the material is just amazing. It’s made of the finest cotton and silky smooth to the touch. What is not pictured is the grey pencil skirt, which I’m still considering if it should be part of my collection since I love colour too much.

Meanwhile, I’m coming up with more skirts, pants and dresses and sourcing for good quality material to be used. Nothing quite turns me off than clothes that goes out of shape easily and those that lose its colour and lustre after a few washes.

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