The Bangkok Diary Continues…

_MG_4450 _MG_4460_MG_4499

Photography by Nicholas Teo

Wearing (in first & second pictures): Zara tee and shorts, TOMS shoes and Outdoor Backpack

Happy mid-week friends! I thought I’d post the few pictures which were left out in my last Bangkok diary… The last picture is just for laughs! The family is headed to another secret holiday destination in the next few weeks just before Christmas! Can’t wait for that one! ๐Ÿ™‚

I visited Thailand for the first time this year, my first trip to Bangkok in March and a second trip in August. Both times, Nic and I went with his family and his brother’s girlfriend. It is a lot of fun travelling in a group especially if you plan on ordering all kinds of dishes whenever you are in a restaurant! What’s not so fun is that being a group of six, we had to split up when taking cabs or when we wanted to go shopping…What I love most about Bangkok are the people, ย crazy delicious food and the really good massages you can get at a fraction of the amount I pay in Singapore. While I was there, I didn’t do much shopping and spent only on the amazing food. For Bangkok’s hot weather, I packed light coloured clothes, and wore mostly shorts and tees and my trusty TOMS. I’d let you in on a secret…this Outdoor backpack is something I stashed away since I was 12…so that makes it 15 years old. It really lasts for a “lifetime”!! The most amazing thing about the backpack is that rain or shine, I don’t have to worry about it being ruined and it holds all our shopping nicely.

On another note, I’m home today and doing some wedding planning. More on that later…

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