Bangkok Diaries Part Deux: A trip to Siam Discovery…

Photography by Nicholas Teo

I know. So many pictures for just a hour at the art museum in Bangkok?! These were taken at the Siam Discovery Centre where we were pretty much fooling around with the gadgets available. I am also quite happy to say its our second trip to Bangkok this year. With cheap airfares,  the lure of Thai food (hello tom yum!!), and the crazy cheap shopping, it was a no-brainer but to head down for a second time this year…I think we will explore other territories (colder ones) soon.

The lime t-shirt was bought from Bangkok at S$4 or a little more than US$3. This was without much bargaining. Isn’t that cray? Oh and those faithful black TOMS were perfect for the streets of Bangkok too. I felt like I was walking in bedroom slippers…What you don’t see is the dirt that is stuck on the black fabric after all the horsing around…it was pretty messed up after the trip. Hah!

This is just part one of our Bangkok trip with the family and there will be a few more posts on this trip! Stay tuned 😉

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