of stripes and staples

Photography by Nicholas Teo

Wearing: Zara striped tee, Exhibit skirt (also as seen here), Topshop ballerina flats, LV Speedy tote, Michael Kors Watch

Nic and I went for our first hotel viewing earlier last weekend and also checked out a bridal studio and somewhere in between these appointments, we took advantage of the strong sunlight available and sneaked in a 5 minute shoot of my outfit.  As usual, I was wearing my to-go outfit of stripes & staples…

I have lost count of the number of striped tees, shirts and shorts hanging in my closet. This Zara striped cotton tee is the newest addition to the stripe family. I love that the fabric is thin enough to wear on a hot hot hot day (34deg Celcius!?!) in Singapore and warm enough for a movie date. Although it would have been fun to layer a floral blazer to  this outfit, I’m thankful I didn’t lest I faint from the heatwave this June!

The Michael Kors watch is something I decided to treat myself to after lusting for it for so long. I love the gold bling against my fair skin. It’s a simple watch and quite a resistant one too because it endured quite a few hard knocks since I bought it last weekend. This should be my staple time-teller/accessory for now.

Ballerina flats has always been my choice of flat footwear especially when I’m running errands or when I’m too lazy to walk around in heels. I have 5 pairs on heavy rotation and they all look similar with the only difference between the material used (pig skin, calfskin, suede, satin etc). All 5 pairs have bows and they are all black. The other ballerina flats are leopard printed, red bow-ed, and I even have a nude colour-ed pair. I must take a picture of my ballerina flats lined up in a row and you’d see what I mean when I say these flats are a staple.

What I’m eyeing are these great alternative to ballerina flats in the form of white flatforms by Gail Sorronda and these Shakuhachi wedges seen here!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ana Paula says:

    I enjoyed browsing in your blog, I ♥ your outfits.

    1. theladiesaffair says:

      Hi Ana Paula!

      Thank you for your sweet comment. I’m glad you enjoyed my blog and the outfit posts. If you’d like you can follow me on pinterest too!


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