so layered so good!

Wearing: H&M jacket (as seen here), Topshop striped tee, Zara skirt, Steve Madden heels, F21 necklace

My lunch time includes outfit photo taking by my colleague Gwen who loves fashion as much as I do! I think she is the few who can hear me ramble about fashion and colours with me without feeling bored and plus she has such a quirky dress sense and a keen eye! Praise JESUS.

I realise that I usually dress up more when it rains because then I can layer as much as I want without
a) looking like a homeless lady
b) feel too warm in usually sunny Singapore

Today’s outfit is actually simple. I wanted to keep warm and mix some patterns and textures. The H&M jacket is made of wool and mohair on the outside but it has linen lining which is perfect so my skin doesn’t itch. I got it at a sale recently and got it at a steal! Would love to pair it with a lemon top and my smurf blue pants one day.

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