Stripes and Statement

Wearing: Uniqlo striped tee, Zara skinny jeans and parka (similar here), Topshop lace up oxfords, Longchamp Pilage

So this is what I wore yesterday, when it was raining and on my way to work. Colleagues thought I was dressed for Friday due to the somewhat casual outfit. If I wore my newly acquired coral/pink heels, it would have looked less casual and more colourful I suppose. Is it just me or yesterday really felt like a Friday? And I couldn’t be happier that today’s actually a Friday!

I dress from my shoes up so usually I’d decide on the choice of footwear for the day and match my outfit to it. If it happens to be rainy day, suede shoes or heels are a no-no, and usually it would be flats. If Singapore was cooler, I would be wearing red Hunter boots.

This Zara parka jacket is the most versatile article of clothing in my entire closet. I could layer it on everything and it always looks amazing. Most importantly, it keeps me toasty warm all the time…

The Mesquite Chicken sandwich with bacon and the Cinnamon Sugar cookie (from Quiznos) I had for lunch yesterday was the most filling and satisfying I had in awhile. The company was better. Thank you for your crazy fun fashion fuelled conversations Gwen! 🙂 

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