Bangkok Diary

Photography by Nicholas

These are the pictures from my most recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand in March. I have been putting off this post because I wanted it to be purposeful and not just an “update” of one of the most memorable happenings in my life. This trip marks one of the many firsts – it was my first trip with  Nicholas’s family, my first trip to Bangkok and my first time on an 84th storey building!

As promised in one of my previous post, I’m happy to share the exciting news! As many of you who are following me on Instagram @theladiesaffair, you would have guessed that Nicholas popped the all important life-changing question!

Bangkok as you know is famous for food and shopping but during this trip, I could only relate to the food part because I could not find much to buy. Perhaps in my next post, I’d share the glorious food pictures with you.

Photo 1 to 3: We visited Chatuchak Market during the first day of the trip and all I remember was getting lost in the sea of everything and everything was so cheap! Chatuchak Market is a treasure trove if you bother looking around in the heat. I’m not kidding when I say you can find anything and everything in that space. These black and white photos were probably the first photos taken at a random fruit juice stall. I must have drank two large cups of cranberry juice (with crushed ice!) because I was so thirsty! Think of it as two grande cranberry frappes equivalent!!

Photo 4: Random shot of a Singer sewing machine used as a table at a eatery.

Photo 5: Chinatown at night. Random fact: All six of us squeezed into ONE tuk tuk for 130baht (S$5.42) to Chinatown that evening. Too bad we couldn’t take a picture of us looking hilarious and perching precariously on the tuk tuk. It was a hell-ish ride to say the least.

Photo 6 to 14: On the 3rd day of the trip, Nicholas whisked me to the 84th floor of Baiyoke Sky Hotel and on the rotating platform admist the setting sun, he proposed on a bended knee, asking if I will marry him. (Rabbit trail alert…) At first I thought he was kneeling to take some pictures of the spectacular view, but when I saw the ring, I was awestruck because I didn’t expect he would choose to propose in Bangkok. So you can imagine my expression when I saw him kneeling and thrusting the engagement ring towards me. I reckon nothing could ever prepare me for that  moment, no girly chats and no amount of envisioning the perfect proposal (since I grew up on Disney films) could prepare me for that moment. You see, I’m that sort of independent lady who grew up thinking I’d never get married thinking there cannot be a man “out there” that speaks my lingo and loves me the way I am (shopaholic, quirks and all :P). So somewhere deep in the recess of my heart, I burried my feelings, ziplocked all the love I had in my heart and kept the key. I wanted to hold on to this precious love for someone who was worthy to be loved, worthy of my love. I’m pretty sure all the failed relationships/friendships I had, in some way or another made me a guarded person and I did not want to be open to more wounds. But I admit, Jesus won my heart eventually. As cheesy as it sounds, Jesus had the key to my heart from the beginning and merely entrusted the key to Nicholas. Jesus taught me many lessons and built & tested my character before I was ready to be courted and willing to commit. For that, I’m very thankful because in Him, I have a solid foundation and rock on whom I look to throughout this beautiful journey Nicholas and I will embark.

P/S: I don’t have photos of the actual proposal but a video of the whole thing filmed secretly by Nicholas’s brother. That one is something altogether.

Photo 15 to 18: Last day of the trip having lunch at Siam Paragon, there was this huge aquarium seperating me and this other diner. Thought it was quite cool.

Photo 19: A really cute Thai Chinese girl who was too shy to let us take her photo

Photo 20: The engagement ring taken up close with my iphone.

Can you tell that Bangkok is a hot hot city! It was 35deg celcius (95deg fahrenheit) and the humidity was THIS high. This made for shorts & cotton tee combo everyday.

I wonder where we should head to for our next holiday? 🙂

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