coloured closet

Photography by Nicholas

Wearing Muji checkered shirt, Zara red skirt and yellow pouch, Steve Madden Westii (in leopard print), assortment of bracelets

I’m one of those who dress from the shoes I decide to wear for the day, working my way up. ? I opted for leopard print instead of black. I guess it’s a blessing in disguise because a little bit of leopard goes a long way when spicing up an outfit or giving it a slight edge. This pair was a no-brainer and I got it immediately because it is such a versatile piece and very comfortable despite it being over 5 inches. Standing in them makes me less dwarfed especially when I’m next to Nicholas. I’ve also been getting bolder with experimenting with colours and mixing prints lately. Seriously, looking at these shots photographed in my room makes me warm and happy despite the “cats and dogs” raining outside.

Today, I’d let you have a sneak peek at my messy wardrobe which is bursting open. Surely you do not want to see the monstrosity of it with its doors flung wide open! Speaking of which, I’m planning to clean out my closet and put some lesser worn pieces for sale.

And and…if you haven’t already noticed in this post, you will see my rather amateur attempt at applying eye shadow. I must admit I sorely lack in skills in the makeup department. However, I’m learning how to apply eye shadow correctly so I can transit from a day to night look (youtube is God sent! for this purpose).

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