Photography by Nicholas

Wearing: Zara T-Shirt & Skirt, Tangs Studio Heels, Topshop Tan Leather Clutch, F21 bracelet

So I’ve been so lagging in updates that this outfit was actually taken on my birthday last month!
The orange skirt was bought when Zara launched its SS11 collection and its now Fall collection. Geez..I’m actually mildly embarrassed at the fact that I’ve too busy to shoot and post anything because its a busy period for me now.

The point of the last shot is to show the 3 shades of colour (ash!) that my hairstylist experimented on me. Too bad it didn’t turn out as light as I hoped to be. I’m working on something lighter in a few months…

Fun fact: The sky was dark and it looked like it was about to rain hard when we shot the first few photos and weirdly the sun came out in a matter of miniutes! Thus, the queer transition between the dark clouds and blue sky!!

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