more than just an IT girl

Photos by Vanessa Jackman

Taylor Tomasi Hill (TTH) is the vision of perfection.
She embodies fearless fashion in this and all her outfits and I’m always looking forward to the next street shot of her.  TTH manages to mix my favourite two – leather and lace (in black) and punctuates her look with just enough colour with her red soled Louboutins and blue Celine lambskin clutch and showing just the right amount of skin at the back. Perfecta.

Ahhh…I still can’t get enough of that blue Celine lambskin clutch , apparently she can’t get enough of it too!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh gosh, she’s stunning. Her all-black outfit is in perfect contrast to her flaming hair.

    x Michelle |

  2. WanderLust says:

    Beautiful outfit… truly incredible style 🙂 Great blog- following you!

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