a pop of orange!

Pictures by Street Peeper, whowhatwear and Hanneli

This post is inspired by a friend who texted me today to say she was inspired by my yellow top post. You know who you are if you are reading this! ๐Ÿ™‚

Today, she decided to try out one of the spring summer colours – orange and in turn I was inspired by her to explore theย less popular cousin of yellow.

In my humble opinion, orange can be a tricky colour to wear especially if you have a yellow skin tone. Depending on the shade of orange, the piece if clothing will either look fab or drab. Me thinks orange generally looks great on you if you have one of the following type of skin:

1. fair + rosy pink undertone
2. perpetual sun kissed tan
3. dark

Let’s start with burnt orange shall we? Isn’t Anja Rubik gorgeous in her burnt orange jumpsuit!! Not to mention it seems to fit her to a T… The combination of her blonde hair and minimal make up balances the contrast with her jump suit oh so perfectly! Tres chic.

And then there was the orangeย accent in the form of shoes and accessories
such as the below by Derek Lam for ebay and Hanneli’s bright orange bag below.

What is certain is that a small dosage of orange is good if you wanna spruce up your otherwise dull outfit but one should stay clear of it if you’re not confident of pulling it off.

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