just a little bit of leopard

Leopard prints are good when it shows up in right amounts and not excessively so in an outfit.

Saying that, it takes some courage to wear leopard prints because you’d either end up looking fab or drab. If you are introducing some leopard to your wardrobe for the first time, try pairing simple, clean cut & dark hued colours (black, white or dark blue) with leopard printed accessories, scarves, shoes, bags or even lingerie. Let the print be an accent and not a distraction. Generally, me thinks one should limit to one or maximum of two leopard printed pieces in the outfit.

I’m thinking of pairing a crisp white shirt and a comfortable pair of denim cutoffs and slip into pony hair leopard printed ballerinas on a casual day or layer a leopard printed bralet (bra + singlet) over a black corset jumpsuit with black boots for a dressier look.

However you choose to play with leopard prints, just remember to have fun mixing up quirky pieces and be confident!! Nothing’s more tragic than feeling awkward in your fashion choices and looking the part.

Oh! I found some inspiration on some of my favourite fashion blogs!

Photos by StreetFSN,ย Street Style Aesthetic, Stockholm Street Style,
Hanneli Mustaparta


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