Weekends are so precious. Especially the ones when I do not have work commitments and have the time to wake up a little later, snuggle under the comforters for a wee bit longer or simply read a book or my favourite fashion blog and go for a nice leisurely jog or talk with my favourite sister. Listening to her is quite hilarious and it reminds me of my younger, crazy days. Geez, even grocery shopping is fun on weekends when you aren’t pressed for time to be here or there.

I take secret pleasure in doing absolutely nothing and having no plans for the day because somehow its more relaxing than planning the whole weekend and completing tasks like they were checklists.

Last Saturday, I did what I wanted to – woke up without the alarm clock, got changed and hung out with N. and my cousin + jo and my brother till the evening. And Sunday, my favouritest day bcos its time spent in church and usually lazier than Saturdays, I went to a secret garden in downtown Singapore and will post pictures in the following entries.

So, what do you like to do during your weekends?

1. Zara striped tee & Topshop high-waisted bow shorts, Multi coloured glass bangles from Mango 2. Topshop leotard, Longchamp Pilage in Black
3- 6. O.P.I Nail Lacquer in Done out in Deco

Photos by N.

happy weekends!


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  1. VANESSA :D( SISTA) says:


  2. theladiesaffair says:

    thanks dear! glad you enjoyed them..

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