Victoria Beckham Gets “Domesticated’ in US Glamour March 2010

What a pleasant surprise to see Victoria Beckham all decked out in tee and jeans on the cover of March issue of US Glamour magazine. It did a pretty interesting feature too!

I always respected the lady in the way she carries herself, always looking impossibly immaculate. I can only imagine how much discipline and self control she has to look this perfect all the time.  Its a feat, really. Especially when the paparazis love her too much. No slip ups, even so, I’m sure she made sure it looked like it was intentional.

Lately, she’s been wow-ing me even more with the dresses she created for her Victoria Beckham line.

Now this. All house-wifey (hello to scrubbing floors, carrying grocery, and out of control (in Victoria sense), whip cream can in one hand and cupcake in another (don’t think she would ever eat those though).

Behold the very colourful images courtesy of Glamour:


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