styling j.

I am a freelance stylist and me thinks its the best job on earth, so far I’ve done a few assignments for friends who approach me to revamp their wardrobe/ invent a new work wear wardrobe/ look for outfits for special occasions. Some of the reasons they approach me for fashion advice:

1) Lack of time due to busy work schedules

2) Don’t know what works for them, so clothes they buy tend to hide their assets/features

3) Do not keep up with fashion trends so pretty much at the mercy of them (e.g. leggings who look great on someone might not have the same effect on you, why boyfriend blazer works for someone with a longer torso than someone who has a short one etc.)

4) Shopping tends to be a tedious and unpleasant event

My client today has very kindly allowed me to take pictures of her new outfits (we didn’t take pictures of all the outfits because some had to be sent for alternations!):

P1040908 low res P1040909 low res
    Front view                                                       Front/Side View

P1040910 low res Cropped Military Jacket

P1040914 low res

Green printed dress

We bought a total of 2 dresses (the above green and 1 navy blue ruffled dress), 1 white cardigan with embroidery (see the above), 1 cropped military black jacket, 2 tops (1 staple white tee as seen above, 1 fluffy sleeved blouse), 1 bell-shaped navy blue skirt, 1 khaki brown military vest, 1 pair of heels and 1 pair of navy blue pants in about 4 hours! And we spent less than $500 which was my client’s budget. I wish I could show you the other amazing items we bought today but sadly, I can’t.  I’m just really happy that she has a better idea what to look out for when she shops in future!

Fulfilling day indeed.



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