Topshop Most Wanted

Topshop Most Wanted

I have been quite deprived of shopping lately and decided to brave the crowd at Tampines One and check out Uniqlo today.

I found myself at Topshop in the end, forsaking Uniqlo because of the crazy queue! and look at what I found! Behold all spring summer coloursy clothes/accessories that will cheer up anyone’s day with all the bright colours going on. Definitely must have-s for me.


 I would love a “colourful as rainbow” tunic!

Am loving the zipper detail. Just a bit of edge.


One word: Sailor


I’m getting this for sures.Love the splash of colours and how you can wear this with absolutely everything!


All things fringed is in. Bangs and skirt included.


I almost got these gorgeous oxfords with laser cut outs today.

They were a tad out of my budget so I’m contemplating. Should I buy?


Happy pills. Happy bracelets anyone?22p01ublk_largeLady GaGa-ish sunnies. Have the half filter thing and it would be Chanel.


loving the colours of spring!



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