hairstyles for 2009

i have been spotting the “Pob” in 2008. And im currently growing my tresses out for a softer, less edgy look. im diggin the effortless chic, bedhead look.

this is my inspiration:


Photo shot by Yvan, the face hunter


GLAMOUR’s take on 5 new hairstyles for the new year:



I’d say Victoria Beckham has gone ahead of the pixie cut trend and set it in place. The pixie cut is one that highlights your razor sharp cheekbones/jawline like no other! Personally, i like the choppy ended hairstyle best. Except i like it shorter than the picture above, shoulder length is perfect.

In case you’re wondering what Victoria looks like from her Pob to her pixie do…



nothing like a refreshing hairstyle to start the year!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. swiyana says:

    Loving your hair cut!!!

    1. theladiesaffair says:

      thanks! im lovin’ it too 😉

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