new gym shoes – Nike Free Running Shoes

Because im such a gym rat, i decided to get myself a spankin’ new pair of Nike Free Everyday + running shoes for gym since the other pair is worn out.

It is pretty light weight and flexible and good for running but so far not as good for studio classes like kickboxing and hip hop dancing. Was contemplating between a pair of asics running shoes and the Nike Free but i think this was an impulse buy…

I am needing a pair of proper cross trainers for kickboxing classes! 😉

oh yes, i managed to snap a picture of my new kicks. can’t wait for it to be season-ed.


running wild with Nike Free,



3 thoughts on “new gym shoes – Nike Free Running Shoes

  1. Haha. You shd have asked me abt sports shoes.

    Nike has shoes that are pleasing to the eyes but not very functionable. Friction runs out too fast and actually, you’re buying for the brand rather than the comfort and support.

    If you’re looking for running shoes, get Asics because it provides one of the BEST support and comfort around with the gel pads. Plus it caters to the different feet types (like neutral, high arch kind). Even though asics is kind of pricey but for the comfort and support that you’re getting, it’s toally worth it. Because I dont’ you want to get sore feet and all. 🙂 So for me, it’s 2 thumbs and 2 big toes up for Asics!! 🙂

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