How many Hermes Birkin bags do Victoria Beckham own?


One of my favourite people to observe in terms of style and awesome hairstyles is Victoria Beckham. I know of many friends who frown upon hearing her name saying she’s too skinny and unhealthy looking etc. However, you can’t deny that the lady’s got style. Known for always being put together and immaculately dressed for the occasion, you’d almost never catch her looking sloppy.

I could go on and on talking about her everchanging hairstyles, from a simple classic bob in her heydays as a Spice Girl to long curly tresses to a edgy version of the bob called the “Pob” (longer fringe with plenty of layers) to her current pixie haircut now named as “Poxie”.  I will dedicate a separate post on her hairstyles!

I have quite an extensive archive of Victoria’s many looks and I couldn’t hep but notice that she loves her Hermes Birkin Kelly bags like Nicole Richie loves her Balenciaga Motorcyle Bag.

Wanna make a guess how many Hermes Birkin bags Victoria Beckham owns?

The pictures below do not represent the total number of Hermes Birkin bags Victoria Beckham owns, I’m sure. She is quite a fan of Chanel too! 😉

Going Ga-Ga over Birkin,



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