Face Hunting in Singapore

If you have been a follower of Face Hunter, Yvan is in Singapore! He’d be here from 26 to 28 November and I’m really looking out for his snaps!

He posted one yesterday and I wish he snapped more.. The peakture below was taken at Tanjong Pajar by the Face Hunter. 🙂


Before stopping over in Singapore, he was down under at Sydney and Melbourne:





So if you’re out and about these 2 days, you might just be lucky to bump into this awesome photog. I hope he survives the heat!


on the hunt,



3 thoughts on “Face Hunting in Singapore

  1. Honestly, I don’t think the SG girl is wearing anything special! Just looks like any hipster wannabe loitering outside the Heeren.

    Saw this link posted in the comments: http://thesmurtorialist.blogspot.com/ another bad ripoff, plus really bad photos to boot.

    I’m biased but this girl posted by Yvan’s got nothing on you! Heh heh heh! 😀

  2. Hi Cherri!

    yeah tiedye effect is quite artsy kinda pretty. if im not wrong, her top is from TOPSHOP boutique range. oh and doc marts are coming back with a vengence! All you need is a whole lot of attitude to go with!

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