helloween 2008

halloween’s has always been interesting because of all the dressing up. i absolutely love the ingenius and creative ways people put together their outfits!

ade had invited us to her chivas event at butterfactory on Halloween night and man! the queue was intense! in the end, the group of us ended up at movida because butterfactory was simply too packed. Some interesting outfits of the night spotted were the joker (in nurse outfit) with the face paint. the guy looked so much like the joker it was scary.

there was the usual sailor moon girl get up, the she-devils, quite a few cleopatras and nurse outfits. i had planned to be a geisha this year but i realised it would be hard to move around and due to work commitments, it was tough to get the kimono and face paint. Instead, i put something together last min as a schoolgirl. one guy walked past me and called me “teacher, how you doing?”

on my get-up, i pulled on a straight as an A-student white blouse and paired it with my Topshop plaid mini skirt. My patent leather booties made it debut for the night and i think the nerd glasses made the whole outfit a whole lot more school girlish. i contemplated wearing over-the-knee white socks with converse sneaks but the black booties were begging me to take them out for a walk and i couldn’t resist them… 😉

i was tempted to bring a book and a cane for added measure/props but i didn’t want to hold on to them the whole night…lazy lazy.

hope you had as much fun dressing up! enjoy ’em pictures below 🙂


loving the booties,



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