seeing stars

today ade and i decided to watch mama mia and have a lazy saturday afternoon in town. that includes swapping of magazines and having our favourite mug of coffee at starbucks and just chilling.

the heat was soooo getting to me the past few days so i decided on my trusty pair of topshop shorts and a loose fitting starry top from forever 21. paired the outfit with a blue longchamp tote that can contain magazines, cardigan and all my girly stuff without weighing a ton!

i finally got to satisfy my jap food craving at …SUSHI TEI. i love the outlet at Paragon. nice ambience and oh-so-yummy food. 🙂

after dinner, i suggested to go get this lip balm i keep seeing in the mags. its SMITH’s Lip Balm by Rosebud Perfume Co. There were a few flavours to choose from and i got the Minted Rose. Its got so moisturising, glossy and minty all at once. I love it! Upon application, my lips feel this “zingy” and tingly sensation that i love. and no im not paid to say all these! heh.

and i got a pair of hot pink ballerinas too! they were too cute to resist! another pair to my ever expanding shoe collection. =)

not one to miss an opportunity to take outfit peaktures, ade took this in less than 3 seconds:

peace out



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