skirting the issue

The high waisted skirt is one of the must-haves in my opinion, and it is so HOT this season. if paired with the right top, it not only bring out the womanly curves you have, it slims you down! not to mention, it adds a certain glamourette factor to you.

just some tips before you rush out and buy your skirt…

1. If you have to have a less-than-perfect tummy, opt for a looser cut that skims your curves.

2. Wear it sitting below your waist for a curve flattering effect.

3. Hems should fall to the knees or slightly lower for a longer, leaner and shapely silhouette.

4. Make your bottom half more slender by picking a skirt in a dark hue (think: black, navy blue, dark grey or green) and pair it with a light coloured top (try: cream, pale yellow, white etc).

5. To up the style ante, wear a sexy silk top, structured jacket or tuck in a voluminous blouse with your high waisted skirt.

Some fabulous skirts for your inspiration (from FEMALE Singapore, May 2008 issue)


Victoria Beckham’s many high waisted looks:


This is me in my sheer canary yellow blouse and military pencil skirt from Zara.

Too bad the picture is a tad blurry. Flash do not work well with mirrors.

Who says work wear have to be boringgg?!


Loving the waist,



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