the iron hammer

i saw, i tried and i bought.

i’m talking about the iron hammer windrunner NIKE jacket that got me sold during lunch at Vivocity NIKE outlet. It could have been the details of the jacket that I loved, or perhaps the fact that its the last piece in my size or it could even be the 20% discount off the jacket. either way, i got it on a whim.

PLEASE restrain me if you have to when you see me shopping next month.

i can already think of pairing this fabulous jacket with a pair of dark blue rinse skinny jeans and pumps. eek.

here’s a peek:



2 thoughts on “the iron hammer

  1. Windrunners absolutely rock! I’ve been trying to get one in white with black n gold detailing. Love to see what else you will put up on this blog. It’s filling up quite nicely with good taste =)

  2. hey joel! nice to know you have been reading my fash. blog!

    the details inside my nike iron hammer jacket is real nice and i think you’d like it. will take a pic and upload.

    😉 enjoy the reads.

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